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Invite people with Your Personal Link

You can easily invite travelers to claim compensation. Tell Your Customers about our Service. Write a post on Social Media. Send emails to your customers/fans. It's all up to You!

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Take a Video and Upload it to YouTube

If you have a big audience on YouTube, then it's your chance to monetize it with a new way. You can simply add your personal link in the description.

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Embed our Widget on your Website or Blog

Place the widget on your website/blog and get commission for everyone who submit an application. It's not necessary to send people to our website, you can even get your customers/fans to file a claim thought your own website or blog.

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Place banner on your Website or Blog

We provide you various banners, you can use them or create it yourself and place on your website/blog.

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Write a Blog Post about our Service

Writing a Blog post is one of the easiest way to let your followers know about Flight Delay Compensation and about our service. Take this chance to monetize your audience.

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Activate Your Creativity

Even though we have listed a few things to invite travelers, There are more opportunities available. You decide how to use your audience to get a new revenue stream

Partner Program

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Great opportunity for you!

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10% of all passengers know their right for compensation

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Delayed or Cancelled flights every month

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the average payout per compensation is EUR 400.

Want a New Revenue Stream?